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Gender Female
Appears in Dragon Ball franchise
Most Skin Revealed on Screen Bare Breasts with Nipples, Bare Butt, Undetailed Bare Crotch & Barefoot
Fanservice Scenarios Panty Shots
Bath Scenes
Shower Scene
Sexually Touched
Ass Shots
Fanservice Appearal Erotic Outfit
Bathing Suit

Bulma Brief is a main character in the Dragon Ball franchise. She is the most significant female character in the series and provides the most fanservice out of all the other females in the series. She is 16.


Episode 127Edit

"Quicker Than Lightning" is the fifth "Piccolo Jr." episode.


Panty ShotsEdit


In Bulma's first Panty Shot she is wearing plain white panties in the first chapter to the Dragon Ball manga where she lifts up her skirt to try to seduce Goku into giving her a Dragon Ball and offering him to touch her butt but fails because of Goku's naive nature.

In the anime adaption, the panties were changed to be white with pink polka dots with frilly edges.

Also in the anime adaption, they are revealed earlier where Goku first meets her and lifts her skirt up with his power pole to see if she had a tail. In the Ocean Dub from 1995 the scene of Bulma trying to seduce Goku with them was removed but the scene of him lifting her skirt up with his Power Pole is still present but for an unknown reason her underwears color was changed from white with pink polka dots to plain pink.

In the end of the second chapter of the Dragon Ball manga, Bulma provides another shot of her in panties. In this scene Goku wakes up early and see's Bulma is still sleeping and decides to lay down and use her crotch as a pillow. When he fells that there is no bulge on her crotch he touches her crotch and takes her panties off where he learns that girls don't have balls. The scene was almost the same in episode 2 of the anime adaption except for one angle that showed Goku sliding the panties off her showing an undetailed crotch was not present.

Bulma's White panties seen under her skirt in Dragon Ball episode 20

Though It did not appear in the episode, it happened in but the angle was put in a flashback Goku had in episode 64. When Dragon Ball was released in North America, the scene was completely removed from the Ocean Dub and was not present in Toonami's broadcast of the FUNimation dub. The scene was finally brought to English when the FUNimation Dub of the episode hit DVD.

Bulma's panties are seen many more times throughout the Dragon Ball series. Bulma's panties are also shown multiple times in the Dragon Ball movie, Dragon Ball: The Path to Power. Bulma is also seen in only her grey panties and bra in episode 39 & 40 of Dragon Ball Z

Bath ScenesEdit


Bulma is given a bath scene in the second chapter of the Dragon Ball manga and the second episode of the anime adaption. In the scene Bulma is lounging in a bubble bath crossing her legs while talking to herself. Bulma then closes her eyes and lays on her side. When she opens them back up she see's Goku standing there looking at her.

Bulma screams and quickly submerges herself deeper in the water so only her head is sticking out of the bath water. In the manga, Goku makes a comment about her breasts thinking that girls have an extra butt on their chest. Bulma finds out that Goku is closer to her age when she asked how old he is. Unlike the manga, the dialogue of the scene was changed to a more tamed conversation with Goku saying he wants to scrub her back since she offered to scrub his back during his bath scene just before hers. In both manga and anime, Bulma throws several bath accessories at Goku to make him leave.

The bath scene it self doesn't contain any extreme nudity, but it does show some Cleavage and a great view of Bulma's legs and feet while the rest of her body is submerged under the water and covered by the bubbles.

In the ocean dub of the first Dragon Ball film titled Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies the bath scene was reused and shortened to make up for the lost time from the several edits the films dub had.


Dragon Ball ZEdit

Bulma has another Bubble Bath scene in a filler scene in episode 49 of the sequel series, Dragon Ball Z. She is shown sitting cross legged in a bubble bath in her capsule house talking to Dr. Brief on a radio. When Dr. Brief tells her about Goku coming on his way to rescue her and the others on Planet Namek, she gets excited and throws the radio in the air and stands up. The radio falls into the bathtub and she still talks to him while bending over naked with her explicit areas covered with soap suds. The scene was removed from the ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z which had several episodes worth of content removed, but the scene was kept in FUNimation's dub. The scene was one of the few filler scenes kept in Dragon Ball Kai where it appeared in episode 22, although the part where Bulma is standing up in the bathtub and bending over to talk to the radio was cut.

Sexually TouchedEdit

Bulma is sexually touched many times throughout DB and DBZ



Cleavage shown from Bulma

In Bulma's bath scene in the second episode of the anime, Bulma is drawn with cleavage. It is shown at the beginning of the bath scene and just before she dunks herself into the water when she spots Goku. She shows a cleavage shot in a filler scene in the 11th episode when Yamcha wakes up and he ends up seeing it up close when she was trying to wake Goku. The Cleavage scene in that episode was removed from the Ocean Dub and the Toonami Broadcast but was on FUNimation's DVD set. In an episode in the Fortuneteller Baba saga, Master Roshi gets a shot of Bulma's cleavage. In the 71st episode of Dragon Ball, much of Bulma's cleavage is seen right before Krillin exposes her bare breasts, by pulling her shirt down. In her bath scene in the 49th episode of Dragon Ball Z, she also shows a cleavage shot as well.

Ass ShotEdit


An ass shot of Bulma while in her panties

Bulma's butt is seen in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and the Dragon Ball movie; The Path to Power. The first ass shot of Bulma is when Master Roshi asks to see her underwear by lifting her nightgown. However, Goku took her panties off that morning, so Bulma was completely nude under her gown. So Bulma lifts her nightgown in exchange for a Dragon Ball. She flashes her naked bottom half to Roshi. Giving us a shot of her butt, and Roshi a peek at her vagina. The ass shot of Bulma is when she is bathing and we see her buttocks. The next butt shot is when see is in her white panties and we see her buttocks and buttcrack are visible due to her panties been very tight. The next ass shot is when she falls of a cliff while holding on to Goku. However, as she falls her pants fall down (due to Krillin tugging on them, making them slide down) and her purple panties with strawberries on them. Goku catches a rock on the cliff and uses his power pole to fling them back to stable land. Bulma burned her panties in the process of this due to a lava bubble bursting on her panties. While on stable land, her pants are still on the ground, panties showing. She is laying face down, with her butt sticking out in her panties, showing her ass. The next shot of her ass is shown when she is in her red panties swimming, she then sees a very attractive male (who is actually gay) and tries to seduce him using her sex appeal and shaking her butt to try to attract him, he denies though.

Bulma's butt shot is Dragon Ball Z

Her next butt shot is not seen until Dragon Ball Z, while she is in just her grey panties and bra. Her ass is seen while wearing her grey undies and bra, till she changes her outfit.

Her other ass shot is seen in the Dragon Ball movie. The movie basically retells the story of her first butt shot. Goku takes of her white panties that morning, they meet Roshi the same day, Bulma is asked to show her panties so she lifts her nightgown, but her panties are not covering her ass and crotch, so we see an ass shot. The only difference is that we see a bit of her buttocks when she is running, her nightgown is different, and the removal of her cotton panties is more detailed.


After Bulma's bath scene in the second chapter and the second episode, She wears a pink night gown until the end of the fourth chapter and the end of the third episode. While in this nightgown she is initially barefoot the night she puts it on. While wearing it, she was inspected by Goku while she is sleeping and has her panties removed. She is still wearing it in when Goku meets the turtle, but puts shoes on and is forced to ride a motorcycle to follow him so she isn't in danger not giving her a chance to change out of it.

When they take the turtle to the beach, Bulma is seen putting her feet in the water while still wearing her nightgown and wait for the turtle to return with their reward. When the turtle comes back, he brings his owner, Master Roshi, a perverted old timer. Bulma sees that he has a Dragon Ball and asks if she can have it. Unfortunately, she can only have it if she shows him her underwear. Bulma lifts up her nightgown not knowing she had her panties removed and ends up showing the old man her bare crotch. She still wears it when they return back to her capsule house and finds out Goku removed her panties and shoots at him.

Shower SceneEdit

Bulma's Shower Scenes in the 9th chapter of the Dragon Ball manga and the 6th episode of the anime adaption. She originally intended on having a bath when she asked Oolong if the RV had a tub but then decided to take a shower when she complained that the bathtub was to small for her standards. While in the shower she gives a lot angles that show her side breast and Shampoos her hair while Yamcha accidentally peaks through the window not knowing that was the bathroom. Bulma looks out the window still naked with shampoo in her hair to see what was out there but she doesn't find Yamcha.

In the original manga the scene started at the part where Bulma is shampooing her hair. The scene completely showed her bare breasts with nipples. In the anime, as much of her breasts are shown in this scene except with the part her nipples would be not be in sight. The scene was shortened in the ocean dub not revealing any parts that show her body only showing the headshot and the lighting on the window that covered her breasts being thicker than the original. FUNimation kept the scene in its original form for their DVD box but the TV broadcast of the episode was still cut resorting to just the headshots.


Bulma is seen in a grey bra and panties throughout two Dragon Ball Z episodes; Episode 39 & 40.

Bare BreastsEdit

In Bulma's shower scene in the 9th chapter of the manga, Bulma shows bare breasts with nipples in three panels. Even though the anime adaption of the scene in episode 6 didn't show nipples and had then covered by lighting, bare breasts are shown later on when Bulma is sleeping naked and Yamcha takes the blanket of the naked sleeping body thinking they were the Dragon Balls and leaves him in shock with bare breasts in his view. He ends up with an eyeful of Bulma's bare breasts.

Bare breasts are shown on Bulma again during the 15th chapter of the manga and the 8th episode anime when Bulma has Oolong turn into her. Oolong who is disguised as her shows them to Master Roshi. No nipples are shown in the anime but they are shown in the manga. The scene was cut in the Ocean Dub of the anime and the Toonami broadcast but was kept on FUNimation's Box Set. Bulma shows bare breasts again in chapter 100 and the 71st episode of the anime where Yamcha has to fight an invisible man and Krillin puts Master Roshi in front of Bulma and yanks her top of revealing her bare breasts showing nipples and has roshi nosebleeds onto the invisible man showing his location. The North American release of the manga had a bra added for censorship.

Erotic OutfitEdit

Bulma is forced to wear a Bunny Outfit because Oolong didn't have any spare clothes and she didn't want to wear the same clothes she was wearing because they weren't washed. She ends up wearing this from the end of episode 6 til the towards the beginning of episode 9. While wearing it she is knocked out after Yamcha blows up the RV and even put in an erotic pose.

Miscellaneous FanserviceEdit

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